Waterloo’s Math Contest

BY A. GUNTURI Participants of this year’s math contest! Ever heard of a math contest? Well if you haven’t, it’s pretty self explanatory. It’s a competition held by Waterloo University, for different ages. Grade 9s write the Pascal math contest; grade 10s write the Cayley, and the grade 11s write the Fermat. This year’s math contest was written on February 25th. There were many grade … Continue reading Waterloo’s Math Contest

Volunteer Roadshow

BY A. GUNTURI The booths and their owners! Roadshow! No no, not a touring show of performance, but a volunteer fair! On February 29th, the Annual Roadshow was held, in which many different volunteer coordinators shared their initiatives with our school community. If you looked around at the roadshow you would’ve found many cool opportunities like “latitude” where you can help many people around the … Continue reading Volunteer Roadshow