Trip to ROM

By: Abdul Hadi Kamran On March 7th, the Grade 11 NBE3U classes went on a trip to ROM to see Kent Monkman’s Being Legendary exhibit. Kent Monkman is a 57 year old Canadian First Nations artist of Cree ancestry. He is a visual as well as a performance artist who works in painting, video/film and installation. Some paintings which Kent Monkman has made are Resurgence … Continue reading Trip to ROM

Toronto Rock School Program

By: Ranvir Sharma, Aryan Sarnaik, Abdul Hadi Kamran, Shafi Asif, and Yahya Farzam On Tuesday October 18th, Dan Dawson and Adam Jay from the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Team visited MD to talk to our NBE3C students. Their presentation covered the Indigenous legacy of lacrosse and their own personal experiences with the sport. After learning together, the players took the staff and students outside to the … Continue reading Toronto Rock School Program