Student Voice Grant Inspires School Wide Project

Andrea Gleeson Two senior students applied for a Speak Up Grant last year. They won $2000 to implement their vision of having every student in the school leave their mark by painting or coloring a small canvas. These will be added to panels and hung all around the school to reflect our value of BELONGING. The art completed so far looks incredible, and we can’t … Continue reading Student Voice Grant Inspires School Wide Project

New Student Art Displays to Communicate School Values

By Aleena Hashmi and Haleema Sadia Milton District High School has a new project in the making! Ms. Baksys has recruited a few students to create an artwork that visually communicates our school vision and values: Belong, Elevate, Respect. The artworks represent how we as a school live our values and our journey towards our vision. Ms. Baksys has asked the students to capture what … Continue reading New Student Art Displays to Communicate School Values

Submit Yearbook Art!

By Aleena Hashmi Attention Students of MD! Yearbook Team is looking for art submissions to be forever immortalized in this year’s yearbook. No art experience is required and you can submit any medium (i.e. watercolour, digital, etc). The deadline is December 1, 2018. Chosen submissions will receive prizes! Art works can be submitted digitally to Ms. Gignac at or brought to the Media Lab. Continue reading Submit Yearbook Art!

Arts Café: A HUGE Success

by Iman Umair-Qaiser Thursday, October 27, 2018 was a big day for the Arts and Music departments. A night filled with music, poetry, and theatrics, Milton District High School hosted its first ever Arts Café from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m,  presented by the students and faculty of MDHS. Held in the cafeteria with free entry and refreshments, the event saw a full house. Nearly … Continue reading Arts Café: A HUGE Success

Painting Dedication to a Lost MD Student

BY E. BIGNELL When a beloved student of Milton District named Ben passed away, a group of his peers gathered together to decide how he could best be remembered. Of all the ideas that were considered, it was decided that a painting would be an excellent way to commemorate him. I only knew him from a class that we had together, and through the several … Continue reading Painting Dedication to a Lost MD Student


BY SPENCER TURCOTTE In the first semester, students in  Mr. Busse’s Grade 12 Art class (AVI 4M1) worked to recreate an image or photograph to the best of their ability by using a combination of precise brushwork, texture, and colour scheme. Spencer got the inspiration for this painting from a photograph he took through the bedroom window of his old house during the Fall season. … Continue reading Fall