Scholarship Tips and Tricks!

BY C. ABES If there’s one thing I learned from the process of applying for post-secondary, it’s that life after high school becomes a lot more expensive. The costs just seem to keep popping up! There is, however, a solution that can ease the pain of student debt: scholarships. Finding these scholarships and applying for them though, is easier said than done. A lot of … Continue reading Scholarship Tips and Tricks!

MDHS goes to the AGO!

BY H. TAYLOR-SINGH AND C. ABES Recently students from grades 10-12, packed onto a bus to Downtown Toronto to visit the  Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). The agenda for the day was expanding the student’s knowledge of what the AGO holds beyond its doors, and also exploring the surrounding area of Chinatown and Kensington market. Students visited an exhibit called “Outsiders”, an ode to 1950s-1980s … Continue reading MDHS goes to the AGO!

Grade 12s to be Published in Polar Expressions

BY C. ABES Seven MDHS students are about to become published writers! Last semester, some students from Ms Gleeson’s Grade 12 Writer’s Craft class entered the Polar Expressions short story contest. The writers submitted pieces no longer than 450 words to compete against students from all over the country. Darian Ghaznavi, Morgan Beaton, Catherine Abes, Emily Wesseling, Rachel Luce, Vanessa Ng, and Anna Serafini have … Continue reading Grade 12s to be Published in Polar Expressions

3rd Annual LGBTQ2+ Masquerade

BY C. ABES On Thursday, March 24 from 7 to 10 pm, Craig Kielburger Secondary School will be hosting a LGBTQ2+ Pride dance. The theme of this year’s event is Masquerade Ball, so be sure to include a mask with your semi-formal attire! This is Halton’s 3rd Annual dance promoting a positive space for Halton secondary students (LGBTQ2+ and alllies), to meet, chat, and of … Continue reading 3rd Annual LGBTQ2+ Masquerade

MDHS’s First Ever Poetry Slam a Snapping Success

BY C. ABES The lovely setup. On Thursday, January 26, Ms Gleeson and her Writer’s Craft class hosted MDHS’ first ever poetry slam in the cafeteria.   With Christmas lights surrounding the performance corner in the cafeteria and lanterns hanging from the ceiling, the atmosphere was truly tranquil– it felt like a real poetry slam. Talented Grade 12 EWC Students performed their own original slam … Continue reading MDHS’s First Ever Poetry Slam a Snapping Success

Why We Don’t Talk About the All Genders Washroom

BYC. ABES Seven months after it’s implementation, MDHS’s gender inclusive facility remains the topic no one talks about. The 21st century has faced many civil rights movements; first came the campaign for gender equality, then came the struggle against segregation, and finally the battle for gay rights. The next issue on the agenda? Gender identity — fighting  for transgender individuals’ rights. Recently the injustice and … Continue reading Why We Don’t Talk About the All Genders Washroom

Deadmau5 visits MDHS!

BY CATHERINE ABES AND ABEER SABRI Thanks to the incredible music program offered here at MD, international recording artist/DJ, Joel Zimmerman also known as Deadmau5, came on Wednesday November 4th to MDHS to speak to our very own Music and Audio Production Technologies SHSM students. Zimmerman shared his personal stories of creativity and success as he inspired our students to be unique in their sound … Continue reading Deadmau5 visits MDHS!

Anitha Robinson visits Writer’s Craft

C. ABES On Thursday, November 5, Ms Gleeson’s EWC4U was visited by Anitha Robinson, author of Broken Worlds. Over the course of the period Ms Robinson answered the young writers’ questions enthusiastically, providing techniques for completing a story, and even insider tips on getting it published. She also provided helpful advice on the obstacles writers face, such as finding story inspiration, conquering writer’s block, and … Continue reading Anitha Robinson visits Writer’s Craft

Empowering the Bystander

BY C. ABES The October 23rd group with Molly Burke. On October 22 and 23, grade nines from MDHS made the short trip to the Milton Sports Center to attend Empowering the Bystander, an anti-bullying initiative that focuses on how to create and maintain a positive, tolerant environment in our school. The activities broke barriers between grade 9s and 12s- including the boundaries of personal … Continue reading Empowering the Bystander