Submit Yearbook Art!

By Aleena Hashmi Attention Students of MD! Yearbook Team is looking for art submissions to be forever immortalized in this year’s yearbook. No art experience is required and you can submit any medium (i.e. watercolour, digital, etc). The deadline is December 1, 2018. Chosen submissions will receive prizes! Art works can be submitted digitally to Ms. Gignac at or brought to the Media Lab. Continue reading Submit Yearbook Art!

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

BY MASSIMO STEFANOVIC Looking for something to do in your spare time or over the summer vacation? The Duke of Edinburgh award (aka the Duke of Ed award) youth program may be perfect for you. The Duke of Ed youth challenge takes place in 142 countries around the world and is recognized as a national leadership building program. People between the age of 14 to … Continue reading The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Polar Expressions Publishing

There aren’t many things are better than curling up in a warm blanket and reading a good book by a Canadian author. Except when that author is you! Polar Expressions Publishing is a Canadian-sourced publishing company that aims to inspire a love of writing in Canadians of all ages. This fall, they’re launching their twelfth annual national poetry and story contests for students in kindergarten … Continue reading Polar Expressions Publishing

Scene and Herd Photo Contest Winner

BY E. WESSELING A huge congratulations to Grade 11 student Kitsym Currie, the winner of MD’s first “Scene and Herd” photo contest and a Tim Horton’s gift card!  She snapped a perfectly timed photo of the Junior Boys football team’s winning touchdown in the semi-finals against Bishop Redding on November 16th.   Another look at Kitsym’s amazing photo!  Stay tuned for our next contest, but … Continue reading Scene and Herd Photo Contest Winner

Scene and Herd Photo Contest WINNERS ran its first ever photo contest over the past two weeks of November, and we are pleased to announce the winner and share some of our other favourites. This composite shot taken at St. Jacob’s Market during the grade ten FOODS trip was submitted by Patricia Antonio (Grade 10). This great llama shot was taken on the grade nine trip to the Royal Winter … Continue reading Scene and Herd Photo Contest WINNERS