MDHS Fitness Room Controversy Grows

By Tuba Choudhry Some Milton District High School students aren’t happy with changes to the school’s fitness room. Over the last three years, Milton District’s fitness room has moved away from a weight room towards a CrossFit ‘light’-style room which combines weights as well as space for cardio in an effort to promote an active lifestyle. Some students say they’ve been excluded from the decision … Continue reading MDHS Fitness Room Controversy Grows

New Rowers!

BY ZAINAB FATIMA Good news for all Crossfit members: The fitness room will now be getting two brand new rowers! Now the MD fitness room will have four rowers! The machines were highly requested by the CrossFit members because rowing is much more enjoyable compared to running or burpees. Student government will be providing funding for the new machines, and everyone is on board with … Continue reading New Rowers!