MDHS Drama Council Meets for First Time

By Evie Bhasin This Monday was Milton District’s first Drama Council meeting! The Drama Council is a club for people interested in all things theatre and drama related. Whether it be the performance aspect, the tech, the costumes and makeup, or even the marketing side, there’s something for everyone. It’s guaranteed to be a fun time! The Drama Council meets every Monday afternoon from 2:50 … Continue reading MDHS Drama Council Meets for First Time

New School Play in the Spring!

By Hunter Culhane Big News! In case you missed this morning’s announcements, a school play will be held at MDHS in the spring of 2019! Auditions are beginning in late November 2018, with more information to be released in the near future. Milton District last put on a school play in the spring of 2016, where the production of the musical “Grease” was highly successful. … Continue reading New School Play in the Spring!

MDHS Students See Production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” in Stratford!

By Emma-Grace Callan-Bennink On October 30th, the Drama classes got the incredible opportunity to attend the Stratford Festival’s production of To Kill a Mockingbird. The Stratford Festival is a world renowned event, featuring performances from July to October. 40 spots were given to students at MDHS to not only see the play, but also take part in a prologue. After the prologue, students watched the … Continue reading MDHS Students See Production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” in Stratford!

Grease is the word! (An Interview with Mrs. Graham)

BY H. TAYLOR-SINGH From May 11- May 14th 2016, Milton District High School put on their rendition of the widely renowned play, Grease.  Whether it was the snaps from the T-Birds or the swish of the Pink Ladies scarves, the play was a huge success. The play was orchestrated by MDHS’ own drama teacher, Ms Graham. We chatted with her after it’s final performance this … Continue reading Grease is the word! (An Interview with Mrs. Graham)

MD’s Play Is as “Smooth as Grease”

BY L. CLARKE The school’s theatre department was extremely successful as they presented the musical Grease. It was fun from beginning to end and showcased some brilliant talent and creativity from both staff and students. The play starts off with Danny (Callum Fisher) and new student, Sandy (Brittnie Spriel) going over their summer romance through a song. As the play progresses, “T-Birds”, Austin Costello, Jacob … Continue reading MD’s Play Is as “Smooth as Grease”


Pink ladies and gents, it’s Saturday, and tonight will be the FINAL performance of Grease. All the practices; all the long nights and hand jives have lead up to this… Don’t miss the fantastic finale! Tickets available at the door ($12 Adults/$10/Students/$8 Seniors & Children under 12) and the performance starts at 7:30! Continue reading FINAL PERFORMANCE OF GREASE TONIGHT!

Blessed By A Teen Angel

Have you heard the word yet? MDHS’ production of Grease features a cameo from Mr. Jones as Teen Angel (the role played by his father, Principal Jones, last time MDHS did a production of Grease 15 years ago) , spectacular sets and props, live music, and of course, Greased Lightning. Today is the LAST DAY to get advance tickets– otherwise you’ll have to buy them … Continue reading Blessed By A Teen Angel

Grease Opens TONIGHT!

After performing in the cafeteria last week and putting together a sneak peek of “Summer Nights” in the theatre this Monday, it’s safe to say that MD is hopelessly devoted to this musical. Luckily it’s opening night, so we’ll finally have the opportunity to see the performance in full! Skip the lines and buy your ticket in advance– available in the front hall period 3 … Continue reading Grease Opens TONIGHT!