Transgender Visibility Day March 31st

BY E. OWENS On March 31st, it was “Transgender Day of Visibility”. It is a day to commemorate and appreciate those who identify as transgender. It’s important that we recognize these people in the LGBT+ community, and respect who they are. Transgender Flag The word ‘transgender’ is an umbrella term for anyone who identifies with a different gender than the one assigned at birth. Some … Continue reading Transgender Visibility Day March 31st

Movie Toonie Concert

BY E. OWENS Where can YOU hear a concert for $2? On March 3rd, the MDHS Music crew put on a performance for parents, students, teachers and family members. The concert consisted of songs from well known movies, such as Batman, The Lion King (Can You Feel The Love Tonight), The Incredibles and Star Wars! Admission was $2.00, which is why the concert was called … Continue reading Movie Toonie Concert

Mattamy National Cycling Centre Grade 9 Trip

BY E. OWENS On Thursday, October 7th, the grade 9 students in Physical Education class went to the Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton to watch the Canadian Track Cycling Championship. Photo courtesy of E. Owens.  The men and women racing were extraordinary and their speed was phenomenal. Trying to peel your eyes away from the event was, well, there was slim to no chance. … Continue reading Mattamy National Cycling Centre Grade 9 Trip