MD’s “Season’s GREENings” Holiday Challenge!

By: Vinothan Siriranjan Happy holidays from the Eco Team! The winter holiday is a joyous time of year often spent on celebrations, get-togethers, shopping, eating delicious food and many more joyful events. Along with all of the fun, the holiday season brings a heavy load on the environment. That’s why our school’s Eco Team wants you to have both a fun and sustainable holiday this … Continue reading MD’s “Season’s GREENings” Holiday Challenge!

Eco Club Initiatives

BY BEN HARTSHORN  Last Monday, April 22nd marked the 49th international Earth Day, where over 193 countries across the world joined together in raising awareness and advocating for environmental protection. To celebrate this occasion the Eco Club has been preparing some exciting projects to help make MDHS a more environmentally friendly school this spring. Check out some of the projects we are planning to launch! … Continue reading Eco Club Initiatives

The Eco Club Wants YOUR HELP!

BY BEN HARTSHORN This year’s Eco Club at MDHS has been working tirelessly to create and promote eco-initiatives in and around the school. With Earth Day just around the corner, our student leaders have some exciting new projects planned to help make our school and community even greener! If you have a fun, environmentally-friendly eco project you would like to see in MDHS, or want … Continue reading The Eco Club Wants YOUR HELP!