Lights, Camera, Action to Wellness!

BY E. WESSELING After the school-wide Express to Wellness assembly back on March 3rd, MD Express decided to take wellness to a whole new level.  On Wednesday April 13th and Thursday the 14th, students interested in film and mental health teamed up with cinematographer Daniel Flemming to film a music video for MD’s original Mental Health Anthem.  The song was composed by talented Grade 12 … Continue reading Lights, Camera, Action to Wellness!

Black History Month Isn’t Exclusive – It’s INCLUSIVE!

BY E. WESSELING The wave of human rights and equality has never been stronger, and as 2016 continues to unfold, these waves will only get more powerful.  However, there is the odd time that groups of majority feel that in the effort to demonstrate multiculturalism, their race, religion, etc. is being overlooked.  One of these misunderstandings comes around Black History Month and the real reasons … Continue reading Black History Month Isn’t Exclusive – It’s INCLUSIVE!

MD’s Music Students Are Looking #

BY E. WESSELING You may have seen Milton District Music students in the halls wearing these stylish sweatshirts. For the first time in over four years, the instrumental section of the music department has ordered band sweatshirts  after many senior students expressed their interest. .  The logo was designed by Jessica Lowry, a talented Grade 12 student who plays flute in Senior Concert Band. Continue reading MD’s Music Students Are Looking #

MD Teaches in the Community

BY E. WESSELING Earlier this semester, the young generation connected with the old when MD’s GLE students travelled to Birkdale Place to teach some basic technology skills to the senior residents. A few students paired with each senior and delivered a short lesson using iPads and skype to help keep in touch with relatives.  The seniors who participated were very receptive and enjoyed discovering aspects … Continue reading MD Teaches in the Community

Football, Football, FOOTBALL!

BY N. JAFFARY AND E. WESSELING That’s right, MD’s Junior football team dominated at  Halton Finals on November 20th after crushing the competition Bishop Reding 38-24 on Monday! The final game took place at McMaster University and a fan bus went to show their support for the team! They were joined there by supporting staff and family members of the players. The team won by … Continue reading Football, Football, FOOTBALL!

Scene and Herd Photo Contest Winner

BY E. WESSELING A huge congratulations to Grade 11 student Kitsym Currie, the winner of MD’s first “Scene and Herd” photo contest and a Tim Horton’s gift card!  She snapped a perfectly timed photo of the Junior Boys football team’s winning touchdown in the semi-finals against Bishop Redding on November 16th.   Another look at Kitsym’s amazing photo!  Stay tuned for our next contest, but … Continue reading Scene and Herd Photo Contest Winner

Club Feature: Cross Country

BY E. WESSELING Photos courtesy of E. Wesseling.  You’ve probably seen some of the Mustang herd running on Commercial or Bronte. Rain or shine, the cross country team is out for a distance run, hill repeats, or intervals. With practices four days a week and dedicated coaches Ms Anthony and Ms Potocki, MD’s runners have been working hard- and with results to prove it. The … Continue reading Club Feature: Cross Country

The Wilderness North Sick Squad

BY E. WESSELING Sick but still smiling! Photos courtesy of E. Wesseling. For the majority of the 250 students and staff that journeyed to YMCA Wanakita for the annual Wilderness North trip, adventure and friendship filled sunny days.  For 20 of those lucky students, a week of isolation was in store. When a stomach flu virus decided to join the party, which spread through a … Continue reading The Wilderness North Sick Squad