VIDEO: Faces of faith face fresh faces for ‘Faces of Faith’

By Hunter Culhane The sixth annual Faces of Faith conference was held at Milton District High School on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018. With the aim of promoting tolerance and acceptance of various religions within the MDHS community, guest speakers from different faiths were invited to attend the event and discuss their beliefs with all Grade 11 students. This year, the Haudenosaunee, Canadian Indigenous, Jewish, Islamic, … Continue reading VIDEO: Faces of faith face fresh faces for ‘Faces of Faith’

Faces of Faith Impressions

BY JASMINE KAPOOR As shared in an article by Maija Shea, MDHS held Faces of Faith on Tuesday, November 14th. As opposed to repeating what was said in another article, I will be sharing the impressions of those involved in Faces of Faith. I was personally involved in the event as a leader with a faith representative-something rather rare for a grade 12 student, as … Continue reading Faces of Faith Impressions

The Many Faces of Faith

BY A. ROCK (Photo provided by Dave Hamilton) Grade eleven students had the wonderful opportunity of being able to listen to various religious speakers here at MDHS on Wednesday, November 26th. The conference (that ran over the course of periods two through four) started off with a question and answer session in the theatre, where students and teachers were offered the ability to discuss religious … Continue reading The Many Faces of Faith