MDHS Presents: Chicago – The Musical

By: Purvi Shenoy, Yahya Elbadawi, Daniel Lal, and Raghav Singh On the nights of May 10th, 11th  and 12th, MDHS’s very own students put on a killer show in Chicago – The Musical! Produced by Bob Fosse and Fred Ebb, Chicago is a satirical play based on sensationalized criminals in the Roaring ‘20s. On May 9th, the cast and crew put up a sneak preview … Continue reading MDHS Presents: Chicago – The Musical

Sheridan College Field Trip

By Arjun Gupta On Monday April 17, 2023, MDHS’s Health & Wellness SHSM class took a field trip to Sheridan College’s Davis Campus. Located in Brampton, it is the largest Sheridan campus, and it houses their cutting edge nursing and pharmacology classrooms. This opportunity was exclusive to Health SHSM students, and it marked the first time that MDHS had ever visited the school.  Upon arriving, … Continue reading Sheridan College Field Trip

“The Minute I Stopped Hating, I Started Living”: Elly Gotz – Holocaust survivor – Speaks at MDHS

By: Purvi Shenoy On April 4th, 2023, our Grade 10 history students got the opportunity to listen to 95 year old Holocaust survivor, Elly Gotz, over a Google Meet. During the presentation he reflected on his life, and he promoted his message which is to not hate. Elly Gotz is a Lithuanian holocaust survivor who has had an extremely challenging life, yet continues to maintain … Continue reading “The Minute I Stopped Hating, I Started Living”: Elly Gotz – Holocaust survivor – Speaks at MDHS

And This Year’s Winner of the 2022/23 Student of Excellence award is…Julia Dunham!

By: Hannah Beckford On March 5th, the winners of the 2022/2023 HDSB Student Excellence Awards were announced board-wide. There were 107 elementary and secondary school winners in Halton. This year we have a winner in our very school; Grade 12 student Julia Dunham! She is one of two secondary students to be recognised this year. Some of the qualifications to become an ‘excellent’ student is … Continue reading And This Year’s Winner of the 2022/23 Student of Excellence award is…Julia Dunham!

MDHS’ ESL and Newcomers Students’ Sweet Expedition

By: Purvi Shenoy On March 21st, our ESL and Newcomers students got to experience one of Canada’s most historic, delicious, and interactive traditions: the Sugar Bush! Sugar bushes are woods in which maple trees are utilized for maple syrup. Mountsberg’s Maple Town, home to the Mountsberg Sugar Bush, has been educating the public for 40 years, and has been producing maple syrup for 150 years. … Continue reading MDHS’ ESL and Newcomers Students’ Sweet Expedition

Billianne Visits MDHS!

By: Kathan Kapoor Photo Credits On Tuesday, February 28, local musician Billianne visited Milton District to speak with the Music and Audio SHSM about her musical journey, the industry, and songwriting. She even performed a few songs for the students! Billianne Lowry is a twenty year old artist who grew up in Milton, Ontario and attended Milton District High School. Following her graduation, she began … Continue reading Billianne Visits MDHS!

OFSAA Swimming

By: Raghav Singh On February 28th and March 1st MDHS’ swim team competed in this year’s OFSAA competition in Windsor. On day one, our MD athletes had various highlights. The girls’ 200 metre medley placed 27th out of 48th schools.  Addison Bown placed 37th in her 100 meter backstroke, having a best time of 1:15.89. Max Grochev placed 40th overall in his 100 meter backstroke, … Continue reading OFSAA Swimming

Trip to ROM

By: Abdul Hadi Kamran On March 7th, the Grade 11 NBE3U classes went on a trip to ROM to see Kent Monkman’s Being Legendary exhibit. Kent Monkman is a 57 year old Canadian First Nations artist of Cree ancestry. He is a visual as well as a performance artist who works in painting, video/film and installation. Some paintings which Kent Monkman has made are Resurgence … Continue reading Trip to ROM