New Student Art Displays to Communicate School Values

By Aleena Hashmi and Haleema Sadia Milton District High School has a new project in the making! Ms. Baksys has recruited a few students to create an artwork that visually communicates our school vision and values: Belong, Elevate, Respect. The artworks represent how we as a school live our values and our journey towards our vision. Ms. Baksys has asked the students to capture what … Continue reading New Student Art Displays to Communicate School Values

Grade 8 Night: A Huge Success

By Haleema Sadia Once again, another successful grade eight night at Milton District High School. It was a huge turn out on November 8th. The school staff and students set up displays in the large gym, front foyer, and in classrooms. They also answered any questions that were asked. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., Grade 8 students and their parents travelled around the school to see … Continue reading Grade 8 Night: A Huge Success

Parent Teacher Interview Night

By Haleema Sadia Parent Teacher Interview night is a night where all parents with children in all grades gather at the school to meet with teachers. This event happens twice a year, first semester and second semester. This year we were set up in the library, cafeteria, and large gym. Several booths were also set up in the front foyer, near the gym, and in … Continue reading Parent Teacher Interview Night

The Excellence Celebration

By Haleema Sadia The Excellence Celebration is a yearly commemorated event held at Milton District High School. It is a celebration in honour of those who achieved an average of 80% or higher in their previous academic year. This event takes time and patience to prepare. The Excellence Celebration is accessible to all grades, parents and guardians. During the ceremony, Mrs. Baksys gave out a … Continue reading The Excellence Celebration