Demystifying Ramadan: What You Need to Know

BY IMAN UMAIR-QAISER Many students at MD celebrate Ramadan, an Islamic event where Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown for a month. If you are curious as to why Muslims fast during Ramadan, great! Curiosity is a natural human trait that is a derivative of our constant thirst for knowledge- you’ve come to the right place. Here are some FAQs about Ramadan, answered by a … Continue reading Demystifying Ramadan: What You Need to Know

Meet the Cast of MD’s ‘subText’

IMAN UMAIR-QAISER Great news! The cast for our school play, subText by Tyler Dwiggins, has just been announced. Cast members are listed below. Students will begin reading the lines during the first practice today after school. The production of subText will run from May 8–10 in the MD Theatre. Congratulations to all those who were cast. Continue reading Meet the Cast of MD’s ‘subText’

Sign Up for Next Week’s Charity ‘Hoops for Heart’ Event!

Iman Umair-Qaiser “Hoops for Heart” is an initiative in which students in teams of three play shoot hoops against other teams of three while raising money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. This year’s MD “Hoops for Heart” will be held on March 6, 2019, during Periods 3 and 4 in the Large Gym. Students who would like to sign up can visit … Continue reading Sign Up for Next Week’s Charity ‘Hoops for Heart’ Event!

MDHS Commences ‘Me to We’ Club

Iman Umair-Qaiser A group of students motivated towards improving the MDHS student body gathered in the library during period three Wednesday to attend MDHS’s first “Me to We” meeting. Led by student leaders Shiuli Khanna and Niha Sohail and teacher supervisor Mrs. Graves, the team discussed what the objective of the club was and potential ideas for initiatives they could undertake to promote the club … Continue reading MDHS Commences ‘Me to We’ Club

Opportunity Falls Silent

Iman Umair-Qaiser The internet was taken by storm when NASA officially announced their beloved Mars rover, Opportunity, died after the last attempt at communication with it failed. Opportunity and its twin, Spirit, were both planned for 90-day missions back in 2004, and they both exceeded expectations. While Spirit powered down after falling into a crater in 2010, they both made breakthroughs in research on Mars, … Continue reading Opportunity Falls Silent

Food and Travel Classes Visit Nations Fresh Foods

Iman Umair-Qaiser On December 6th, Grade 10, 11, and 12 food and travel students took a trip to the Nations Fresh Foods in Hamilton’s Jackson Square shopping centre. Nations Fresh Foods is a supermarket/food court where patrons can buy groceries, products, hot meals and eat inside the store. An exploratory culinary experience, students worked in groups to complete a scavenger hunt and see all of … Continue reading Food and Travel Classes Visit Nations Fresh Foods

MDHS Music Feeder School Tour: Day #2

By Iman Umair-Qaiser Following annual tradition, various music groups and extracurriculars at MD took to the road on December 3rd to continue this year’s Feeder School Tour. The Senior Concert Band, Foster’s Funk Band, and the A Capella group performed and promoted MD’s music program to elementary schools whose students are to attend MD in the coming years. After Day 1 at Sam Sherratt and … Continue reading MDHS Music Feeder School Tour: Day #2

MDHS’s 2019 Stage Production Is…

By Iman Umair-Qaiser Listen up, thespians! In 2019, after three years of theatrical hiatus, MD will be performing a stage production in 2019, a reimagining of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. The play is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known, and it depicts the story of how the devious Petruchio ‘tames’ the headstrong Katherina into becoming a soft-spoken, obedient wife. Many have commented how this … Continue reading MDHS’s 2019 Stage Production Is…

Grade 10s Visit Country Heritage Park for Halton Pathways Day

By Iman Umair-Qaiser As part of the Grade 10 Careers Course, where students learned about potential educational pathways and future careers they could take, Careers students attended the Halton Pathways Day at Country Heritage Park on Wednesday November 14th. The event provided students information about SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) programs at various schools, where students inclined to specific workforces could familiarize themselves with the … Continue reading Grade 10s Visit Country Heritage Park for Halton Pathways Day