Orange Shirt Day at MDHS: Every Child Matters

By Iman Umair-Qaiser Photo by A. Gleeson MDHS supported the awareness of residential schools on September 28th by participating in Orange Shirt Day. The day is officially September 30th across the country. The spirit day was started in the wake of one residential school survivor’s story and is now recognized across Canada. A big thanks to everyone who participated this year at MD. Why “Orange … Continue reading Orange Shirt Day at MDHS: Every Child Matters

MDHS Election: The Results Are In!

By Iman Umair-Qaiser Image Source MD’s student government has been elected for the 2018-2019 year! Here are the results: Grade 9 Representatives Evan Patrick Taylor Hiba Mohar Grade 10 Representatives Phoenix Seelochan Saad Ahmad Grade 11 Representatives Saad Fasihi Maheesha Thiyagarajah Grade 12 Representatives Cassius Umengan Sara Sheheda Student Prime Minister Peter Chung Deputy Prime Minister Michael Abbes Congratulations to the elected and everyone who … Continue reading MDHS Election: The Results Are In!

It’s Election Day!

By Iman Umair-Qaiser

Paralleling Milton’s municipal election, MD’s 2018 student elections are ongoing this week, as candidates spread their campaigns and raise voter support. Two representatives from each grade, an HDSB Student Senator, spokespeople from various extracurriculars, and the student Prime Minister make up the MDHS Senate. As the race comes to a head today, where the student Prime Minister candidates will publicly address the school before the election, MDHS Scene & Herd would like to introduce you to your grade representatives and student Prime Minister candidates. You can read more about them on this handy document, courtesy of the MDHS office staff.

You can click on this link to vote!

Grade 9 Rep Candidates

  • Ben Hartshorn
  • Hiba Mohar
  • Amber Siddiqui
  • Evan Taylor
  • Eli Vodarek-Berman
  • Haiqa Aaqil

Grade 10 Rep Candidates

  • Phoenix Seelochan
  • Saad Ahmad

Because there are only two candidates running for Grade 10 rep, which is the exact number of candidates we need, the Grade 10s will not be holding grade rep elections and elect Seelochan and Ahmad by default.

Grade 11 Rep Candidates

  • Tithi Mayani
  • Maheesha Thiyagarajah
  • Neha Abro
  • Tuba Choudhry (who was a Grade 10 Representative last year)
  • Saad Fasihi

Grade 12 Rep Candidates

  • Saad Khan
  • Sara Shehada (who was a Grade 11 Representative last year)
  • Cassius Umengan

Student Prime Minister Candidates

The successors to the widely popular PM Aparajita “Apple” Roy and deputy PM Chloe Umengan are…

  • Wafa Saleem
  • Mirha Mansoor
  • Zuya Abro (who was a Grade 11 Representative last year)
  • Peter Chung
  • Michael Abes
  • Anissa Gandhi
  • Sammeer Naderi



And now, as a special feature, Scene & Herd presents an exclusive interview from two of the Prime Minister candidates, Anissa Ghandhi and Michael Abes!

Continue reading “It’s Election Day!”

Climate Change: A Plea for Action

COMMENTARY ESSAY BY IMAN UMAIR-QAISER Image Source As a topic of discussion, climate change follows a very similar trend to the growth of human population: initially slow and scarce, then suddenly spreading exponentially in recent years. As more and more greenhouse gases are being released every day than almost all of human history combined,  the threat of an earth permanently suffering from its effects is … Continue reading Climate Change: A Plea for Action

The Annual Spring Concert

BY IMAN-UMAIR QAISER o bring in the fragrant spring season, MD opened its doors and invited parents and families to come to watch the spring concert. The students displayed their musical talents that they had worked on for the second semester. Notable acts included Foster’s Funk Band, the MD A Cappella Group, and the Grade 9 Junior Band performing with the Grade 9 Rock Band. Continue reading The Annual Spring Concert

MD’s Mighty Mustang Celebration 2018

BY IMAN UMAIR-QAISER On Thursday, May 18th, MD hosted Mighty Mustangs, an annual event to celebrate student achievements and share them with the community. Mighty Mustangs is a continuation of an event that was a previous tradition to MD, and has now been brought back this year. Parents and students alike were ecstatic to be able to attend the ceremony and receive their award and … Continue reading MD’s Mighty Mustang Celebration 2018