Gaming at MDHS: What’s in Store for This Year’s Club

By Maija Shea     Mental wellness and happiness in the school environment are what Milton District strives for. Students are encouraged to express their learning in ways that suit them, and also to get involved with teams and clubs that serve as a way to have fun at school. The Gaming Club started at MDHS last school year after some student gamers pitched the … Continue reading Gaming at MDHS: What’s in Store for This Year’s Club

Student Voice Symposium

BY ZAINAB FATIMA On Tuesday, November 28, about 55 students participated in a Student Voice Symposium at the Milton Sports Centre. The trip was organized by Mrs. Kilgour and Mr. Trull. It included students from all grades: 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. The purpose was to get students to voice their opinions on important issues, such as mental wellbeing and student engagement, and how … Continue reading Student Voice Symposium

Faces of Faith Impressions

BY JASMINE KAPOOR As shared in an article by Maija Shea, MDHS held Faces of Faith on Tuesday, November 14th. As opposed to repeating what was said in another article, I will be sharing the impressions of those involved in Faces of Faith. I was personally involved in the event as a leader with a faith representative-something rather rare for a grade 12 student, as … Continue reading Faces of Faith Impressions

Take Our Kids To Work Day 2017

BY IMAN UMAIR-QAISER Wednesday November 1st, Grade 9s all across Ontario participated on an excursion to their parent or guardian’s place of work. This day is meant to give students a glimpse into the world of work and the specifications and requirements needed for specific occupations. MDHS News interviewed some of our Grade 9s on what their experiences were. Where did you go for TOKTWD? … Continue reading Take Our Kids To Work Day 2017

An Interview with Ms. Baksys

What was your first impressions of Milton District? School with a history, school that feels very warm, caring and accepting of others and their differences. If you weren’t the principal what would you be? I never really wanted to be a principal when I began teaching, it was a pathway that seemed to unfold. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, I think is a … Continue reading An Interview with Ms. Baksys

“It’s the Principal of the Thing” June 2016

Once again this has been an outstanding year at Milton District High School! Our students have had great success through their efforts in the classroom, in co-curricular activities and in the broader community. We should all be very proud of our Mustang students as they continue to showcase their outstanding abilities and talents. Our Grade 10 students wrote the provincial Literacy test and over 90% … Continue reading “It’s the Principal of the Thing” June 2016

Grease is the word! (An Interview with Mrs. Graham)

BY H. TAYLOR-SINGH From May 11- May 14th 2016, Milton District High School put on their rendition of the widely renowned play, Grease.  Whether it was the snaps from the T-Birds or the swish of the Pink Ladies scarves, the play was a huge success. The play was orchestrated by MDHS’ own drama teacher, Ms Graham. We chatted with her after it’s final performance this … Continue reading Grease is the word! (An Interview with Mrs. Graham)