Arts Café

By: Kathan Kapoor On October 27th, 2022, MD saw yet another successful Arts Café.  A night filled with music, theatrics and visual arts, Milton District High School held its annual Arts Café from 6:30pm to 8:30pm presented by the students and faculty of MDHS. Held in the cafeteria with free entry and refreshments, nearly every seat was filled with students, parents and staff.  Hosted by … Continue reading Arts Café

MD’s Long Awaited Spring Concert

By: Kathan Kapoor Last Tuesday, May 31st, MD invited parents and families to come and watch the annual Spring Concert!  Our courtyard was filled with students who displayed their great musical talents. All of their hard work throughout semester 2 had finally paid off.  Notable acts included the MDHS jazz and concert band, rock bands including New Kids on Wednesdays, Allegedly Green Beans, Dionysus, and … Continue reading MD’s Long Awaited Spring Concert

An Experience to Remember: The Spring Outdoor Ed (Canoe) Trip(s)

By: Kathan Kapoor and Arjun Gupta This May, not one, but TWO classes of Mr. Matt Jones’ grade 11 Outdoor Education experienced the adventure of their lives when they spent four nights camping and canoeing out in Algonquin Provincial Park. For each trip, thirty students were able to go, plus two teachers and three graduate students who came as camp leaders. They made two trips … Continue reading An Experience to Remember: The Spring Outdoor Ed (Canoe) Trip(s)

MDHS Talent Show 2022!

By: Kathan Kapoor On Thursday, April 28, the Mustangs held their annual talent show! The 7-minute showcase was posted to the official MDHS YouTube channel, and has been viewed by more than 70 people. Four incredible acts were presented in the production, all of which can be viewed at your convenience by clicking the link above.  The show kicked off with Julia Langille playing Concerto … Continue reading MDHS Talent Show 2022!

The End of the Mask Mandate at MD!

By Hamza Serieh, Kathan Kapoor and Arjun Gupta A week into this change and the face of Milton District High School is looking different. Ontario has loosened its COVID-19 health restrictions and dropped its mask mandate, but what are the Mustangs’ thoughts on this significant change that has been a part of our lives for two years? Roger Kiritharan  – How do you feel about … Continue reading The End of the Mask Mandate at MD!

MD Recognizes Anti-Bullying and Mental Health

By Arjun Gupta and Kathan Kapoor This semester, Milton District is employing new and old strategies to improve the mental health of students and make our community a better place. On February 23, Milton District honored National Pink Shirt Day, a day put aside to combat bullying in schools across Canada. Many students throughout the school participated in the event, standing against the issue and … Continue reading MD Recognizes Anti-Bullying and Mental Health

MDHS Holiday Market 2021

By: Abeeha, Arjun, Kary, and Kathan Just before the winter break, MDHS’s Social Justice SHSM organized a holiday market with all proceeds going towards the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society. The market featured live music, hot chocolate, and tables selling photocards, keychains, therapy bags and more!  The holiday market also included a used book store with books collected through donations and resold to … Continue reading MDHS Holiday Market 2021

Not a Backpack Day at MDHS

By: Kathan KapoorWhy carry a backpack to school when you could bring literally anything else? On December 1st, students got to show their Mustang spirit by bringing their school supplies in anything — except a backpack. From shopping carts and strollers, to trash bins and laundry hampers, the possibilities were endless! Our students’ wild creativity and imagination were on full display, as the halls were … Continue reading Not a Backpack Day at MDHS

A Very Merry Volunteer Opportunity!

By: Kathan Kapoor Image Source Milton’s annual Santa Claus Parade will take place on Sunday, November 21st along Main Street, starting at Whitmer St. at 1:30PM and ending at the GO station around 3:30PM.  This year’s parade is a salute to the generosity and courage of the everyday heroes of this pandemic – from healthcare workers on the front lines, to all the essential workers, … Continue reading A Very Merry Volunteer Opportunity!

Treaties Recognition Week

By: Kathan Kapoor Image Source The first week of November marks Treaties Recognition Week to recognize the importance of treaties and increase awareness of treaty relationships between Indigenous Nations and the Government. Learning about treaties and treaty relationships is a part of truth and reconciliation. Treaties are negotiated agreements that define the rights, responsibilities and relationships between Indigenous groups and Federal and Provincial Governments. Treaties … Continue reading Treaties Recognition Week