Bring on the BEES!

BY N. JAFFARY Recently, certain classes and Eco Club Members were busy in the backyard! \As the first step towards an outdoor classroom, the garden beds have been placed and there are plans to establish a cool sitting area, and attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Thanks to the generosity of donors such as the Real Canadian Superstore and the Big Yellow Bag Company, … Continue reading Bring on the BEES!

Mental Health Week

BY N. JAFFARY In honour of Mental Health week during the first week of May, MD Express set up fun and interactive activities to raise awareness! With daily announcements and personal morning greetings (candy in hand, of course!) and performance from the talented vocals class during lunch, Express members were dedicated to spreading cheer at MD! Thanks to volunteer students from senior grades spending their … Continue reading Mental Health Week

Grade 12 Law Students Visit Downtown!

BY N. JAFFARY On Thursday May 5th, Mr. Newman took his grade 12 law class to the Old Courthouse in Downtown, Toronto. The group had the opportunity to watch a few exciting cases, and enjoyed a lunch at the Eaton Centre. Needless to say the trip was a huge success and a great learning experience! Grade 12’s met bright and early at the Milton Go … Continue reading Grade 12 Law Students Visit Downtown!

Express to Wellness

BY N. JAFFARY MD Express, a new club at MD is dedicated to highlighting the importance of mental health and well-being. On March 3, they held a school-wide assembly full of artistic and musical performances to start a conversation about mental wellness. Performances featured some of MD’s own talented students as well as beloved alumni such as the Deputy Chief of Police and his band. … Continue reading Express to Wellness

MD’s Computing Competition

BY N. JAFFARY On February 17, some of MD’s brightest wrote the Canadian Computing Competition for 2016, sponsored by University of Waterloo. Kyle Jones, a Grade 12 student, who wrote the Junior division of the test shared his experience with us. “It started out easy enough, but the questions became more challenging!” said Kyle, a day after writing the test. He is excited to see … Continue reading MD’s Computing Competition

Green Screens Guest Speaker, Heather Govender!

BY N. JAFFARY Heather Govender. Photo courtesy of On Monday, January 18, MD’s Eco-Club had the opportunity to speak with Heather Govender, an inspiring woman who has taken on a big challenge! In October 2015, she challenged herself to create minimal landfill waste for an entire year. She carries a small plastic bag that she fills with the trash that is unavoidable and comes … Continue reading Green Screens Guest Speaker, Heather Govender!

Football, Football, FOOTBALL!

BY N. JAFFARY AND E. WESSELING That’s right, MD’s Junior football team dominated at  Halton Finals on November 20th after crushing the competition Bishop Reding 38-24 on Monday! The final game took place at McMaster University and a fan bus went to show their support for the team! They were joined there by supporting staff and family members of the players. The team won by … Continue reading Football, Football, FOOTBALL!

The Latest Word from the Head of the Herd

BY N. JAFFARY What is different about this year from others? Any stand out events that happened? We’ve had an amazing semester so far, we have celebrated a number of wonderful things! We had a great start to the year with Excellence Night when alumnus Mark Saunders, the Toronto Chief of Police,  returned to the school and gave an inspirational speech. MDHS was also fortunate … Continue reading The Latest Word from the Head of the Herd