Are you Lacking Vitamin B12?

BY TITHI MAYANI Image Source Let’s face it, high school students often aren’t the best at eating healthy. Trying to balance extracurriculars, academics, social life, and jobs often leaves us too stressed and too short on time to worry about personal health and diet. However, it may be possible that a lack of vitamins in your diet may be adding to your stress. A common … Continue reading Are you Lacking Vitamin B12?

MD Dominates DECA Provincials: A Competitor’s Perspective

SAIHAJ REHSI Saihaj Rehsi is a DECA member and competed in the DECA Provincials. While most students were busy doing homework this past weekend, many of their fellow peers competed at the DECA Provincial competition in Toronto. DECA is an international business club where students participate in oral case study presentations, business simulations, and written business reports. Students start out at Regionals, competing against over … Continue reading MD Dominates DECA Provincials: A Competitor’s Perspective

A Day in a Wheelchair at MDHS

By Tithi Mayani Editor’s Note: This article does not mean in any way to bring down the school. There are several wheelchair accessible classrooms, and we are fortunate enough to have had an elevator installed within the last decade. This is meant to be an eye opener that even seemingly accessible buildings will have some flaws that able-bodied people won’t always notice when designing it. … Continue reading A Day in a Wheelchair at MDHS

Sharkwater: ExtinctionーThe Legacy of Rob Stewart

By Ben Hartshorn Last month, a documentary portraying the legacy and message left behind by late Toronto filmmaker/activist Rob Stewart captivated people across the world and increased awareness of the devastation of an ecosystem unbeknownst to many. Recently released to theatres across Canada, “Sharkwater: Extinction” is the sequel to the 2006 film “Sharkwater”. It’s an eye-opening documentary about the devastating impact the million-dollar shark finning … Continue reading Sharkwater: ExtinctionーThe Legacy of Rob Stewart

2018 Halloween Costume Ideas

By Iman Umair-Qaiser The leaves have gone from green to gold, the temperature is fluctuating like the Behemoth at Wonderland, and plaid has now re-integrated itself into my wardrobe. Fall is here—and that means Halloween is right around the corner. If you do celebrate Halloween, what you’re going to dress up for Halloween might be an annual struggle. Luckily, I have your back. Here are … Continue reading 2018 Halloween Costume Ideas

The Difference Between Applied and Academic Students at MDHS

By Hunter Culhane There has been much debate in recent years over whether the Applied and Academic streams in Ontario should be combined. Some argue that students placed into the Applied stream cause them to miss out on their true potential; others say that having Applied students in an Academic class is unfair to the Academic students. With this in mind, I decided to dive … Continue reading The Difference Between Applied and Academic Students at MDHS

Climate Change: A Plea for Action

COMMENTARY ESSAY BY IMAN UMAIR-QAISER Image Source As a topic of discussion, climate change follows a very similar trend to the growth of human population: initially slow and scarce, then suddenly spreading exponentially in recent years. As more and more greenhouse gases are being released every day than almost all of human history combined,  the threat of an earth permanently suffering from its effects is … Continue reading Climate Change: A Plea for Action

Four Fantastic Books to Read!

BY EMMA-GRACE CALLAN-BENNINK Looking for something new and exciting to read? Try one of these four fantastic books! A Shadow Bright and Burning (Kingdom on Fire Trilogy) by Jessica Cluess. This exciting fantasy series is sure to grab your interest and hold it until you’ve turned the last page. A Shadow Bright and Burning follows sixteen-year-old Henrietta Howel as she fights in a war against … Continue reading Four Fantastic Books to Read!

Teenagers and Sleep

BY TITHI MAYANI Image Source  One of the most common characteristics of being a student is the lack of sleep. Almost everyone has some sort of bags under their eyes. Complaints of being tired can be heard all around. Almost everyone can say they’ve come late to school after sleeping through their alarm clock. Wouldn’t life be so much better if school started later? Doctors … Continue reading Teenagers and Sleep

Choosing Cruelty-Free

BY ZAINAB FATIMA The topic of animal testing is brought up quite often, usually when people discuss cruelty-free cosmetics. Many companies have switched to making their product cruelty-free because of the increase in demand for cruelty-free cosmetics. In this article, we will be explaining how cosmetic animal testing began, and whether or not should still be used for the production of makeup and skin care. … Continue reading Choosing Cruelty-Free