A Few Reasons to Love The Mindy Project…

BY ZAINAB FATIMA Mindy Kaling is amazing. Many of you may know her as Kelly Kapoor from The Office, which all of you have probably seen, and if not… you need to watch it. She’s also a bestselling author of Why not Me? and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). For the past few years, Kaling has written, produced and starred in … Continue reading A Few Reasons to Love The Mindy Project…

Four Fantastic Fantasy Reads

BY EMMA-GRACE CALLAN-BENNINK Fall is the perfect time to get cozy and snuggle up with a good book. With the weather getting colder, options for outdoor activities become more limited. Fantasy books are a perfect escape from reality and the gloomy outdoor weather. Here are four book recommendations that will be sure to keep you entertained indoors. 1. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare Whether … Continue reading Four Fantastic Fantasy Reads

The Meme-ing of Memes?

BY IMAN UMAIR-QAISER You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed when you notice a pattern of similar posts. It could be a man sprinkling salt, a teenage girl badmouthing a talk show host, or an oddly drawn frog. Sure, they’re weird. Ironic and ridiculous, even. But in this day and age, humour can come from the oddest places. Welcome to the world of memes. Okay, okay, … Continue reading The Meme-ing of Memes?

First Impressions on MD

BY EMMA-GRACE CALLAN-BENNINK This year a large number of Grade 9 students arrived at Milton District High School. Many Grade 9 students have said that going into High School has been a big change from being in elementary school, but they enjoy high school much more. When asked about their new experiences there was a variety of reasons the Grade 9 students were enjoying themselves. … Continue reading First Impressions on MD

The pressure on students to get good marks

BY L. CLARKE Living in a success-driven society such as the one we are living in today can be difficult, and puts pressure on students. Students are expected to achieve a high level of success and, in some cases, are unfairly reprimanded for receiving a mark that doesn’t meet above average. The opinions and stress from teachers, parents, and even peers, can, and most likely … Continue reading The pressure on students to get good marks

Hijab: What’s Up With That?

The Hijab is a philosophy which represents the idea of modesty that is essential to practicing Muslims. The headscarf worn by Muslim women is a physical manifestation of this ideology. After reading this I hope you will have a better understanding of the hijab. Thanks to Hiba Siddiqui, a graduate of 2015 currently studying at Wilfrid Laurier, for providing her insights: Q: What is the … Continue reading Hijab: What’s Up With That?

Black History Month Isn’t Exclusive – It’s INCLUSIVE!

BY E. WESSELING The wave of human rights and equality has never been stronger, and as 2016 continues to unfold, these waves will only get more powerful.  However, there is the odd time that groups of majority feel that in the effort to demonstrate multiculturalism, their race, religion, etc. is being overlooked.  One of these misunderstandings comes around Black History Month and the real reasons … Continue reading Black History Month Isn’t Exclusive – It’s INCLUSIVE!

Why We Don’t Talk About the All Genders Washroom

BYC. ABES Seven months after it’s implementation, MDHS’s gender inclusive facility remains the topic no one talks about. The 21st century has faced many civil rights movements; first came the campaign for gender equality, then came the struggle against segregation, and finally the battle for gay rights. The next issue on the agenda? Gender identity — fighting  for transgender individuals’ rights. Recently the injustice and … Continue reading Why We Don’t Talk About the All Genders Washroom

It’s All About Communication

BY O. SHAHID On Wednesday October 28th, 2015, a number of Milton District High School students, teachers, and parents gathered in the school theatre to discuss ways to improve the lives of troubled teens, and try to determine the root of the problems faced by teens during their time in high school. Emma Bignell, a senior at Milton District High School, was the first speaker … Continue reading It’s All About Communication

The Pressure to Get Good Grades

BY U. ABBAS Source: https://centennialcounseling.wikispaces.com/ A very common issue that every student at MD has to go through is the pressure of getting good grades. School is one thing that students can’t afford to fail. It ties in directly with their future and if anything goes wrong, they can only blame themselves. Senior year comes by pretty quick in high school, and if one’s studying … Continue reading The Pressure to Get Good Grades