Intersex Awareness Day

By Prema Kapoor Image Source This year on October 26th, Intersex Awareness Day is being celebrated. Intersex Awareness Day sheds light upon the human rights issues faced by intersex people all over the world. Someone who is intersex usually does not identify as male or female, as they could have a variation of chromosomes, sex hormones or genitals. While in some cases, signs of being … Continue reading Intersex Awareness Day

National Coming Out Day

By Prema Kapoor Image Source This year, National Coming Out Day falls on October 11th. The day commemorates coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone matters, no matter what their gender or sexual orientation is. Coming out is extremely difficult for most people, and it’s important to accept those who have decided … Continue reading National Coming Out Day

October is LGBT History Month

By Prema Kapoor Image Source Happy LGBT History Month! This month-long event celebrates the history of the LGBT community and the many gay/civil rights movements that have helped shaped our world to become more inclusive. October is the time to celebrate the many achievements made by people who identify under the LGBT+ umbrella and to help pave the way for others who may not feel … Continue reading October is LGBT History Month

Pride Month: Intersex and What It Means

BY THEA RICHINSON Since June is Pride month, it is important to acknowledge all of the identities under the LGBTQ+ spectrum. For example, the intersex identity. While it is celebrated during Pride month, in Europe, November 8 is known as Intersex Day of Remembrance. The day was chosen as the same day as Herculine Barbin’s birthday, a French intersex person from the 1800’s. An intersex … Continue reading Pride Month: Intersex and What It Means

Pride Month: Asexuality and the Aspectrum

BY THEA RICHINSON What does ‘ace’ mean as an adjective? ‘Ace’ specifically means ‘asexual’, which is a term that describes someone who does not feel any or a very small amount of attraction to other people. Like heterosexual and homosexual are types of attractions, so is asexuality. One way I’ve found it described easily is to think of everyone you aren’t attracted to, and project … Continue reading Pride Month: Asexuality and the Aspectrum