Holiday Candycane Grams

BY R. DUNKLEY It’s (almost) that time of year again. The holidays are just around the corner and in spirit of this joyful time of year, Students Unite/INTERACT sold delicious candycane grams for three days. Anyone wanting to sweeten someone’s day wrote a personal note which was attached to a candy cane and delivered to the recipient’s period one class on Wednesday, December 17.   … Continue reading Holiday Candycane Grams

Happy Holidays… and Happy University Applications!

BY R. DUNKLEY Finally. You decided what program you want; you’ve made a list of the universities that offer it; you’re slugging away to get the highest grades you can. Done. Right?   Wrong. Wrong.  Oh, so very very wrong.   The most important piece is yet to come. How do you apply to said university? There’s so much information being hurdled at you at … Continue reading Happy Holidays… and Happy University Applications!