Are you Lacking Vitamin B12?

BY TITHI MAYANI Image Source Let’s face it, high school students often aren’t the best at eating healthy. Trying to balance extracurriculars, academics, social life, and jobs often leaves us too stressed and too short on time to worry about personal health and diet. However, it may be possible that a lack of vitamins in your diet may be adding to your stress. A common … Continue reading Are you Lacking Vitamin B12?

You Can Get Through This – Here Are Some People You Know Who Did

BY IMAN UMAIR-QAISER School can be hard. Life can be hard. Heck, existence can be hard. The forces that shape our universe always seem ready to throw the next proverbial curveball into your week. You could fail that report you spent a week writing and running through Grammarly exactly seven times for extra good luck. You could blow a three-game streak on the volleyball team … Continue reading You Can Get Through This – Here Are Some People You Know Who Did

Scholarship Tips and Tricks!

BY C. ABES If there’s one thing I learned from the process of applying for post-secondary, it’s that life after high school becomes a lot more expensive. The costs just seem to keep popping up! There is, however, a solution that can ease the pain of student debt: scholarships. Finding these scholarships and applying for them though, is easier said than done. A lot of … Continue reading Scholarship Tips and Tricks!

The Pressure to Get Good Grades

BY U. ABBAS Source: A very common issue that every student at MD has to go through is the pressure of getting good grades. School is one thing that students can’t afford to fail. It ties in directly with their future and if anything goes wrong, they can only blame themselves. Senior year comes by pretty quick in high school, and if one’s studying … Continue reading The Pressure to Get Good Grades

Victory Laps: Vicious or Victorious?

BY SPENCER TURCOTTE Grade 12 is a whirlwind. Right up to senior year, many students have no clue which pathway to pursue. The majority are unaware of all the possibilities that are offered once they graduate. Here are the options: Apprenticeship: Woo, hands on! The trades are for me. Work: I want an income right out of high school. College: I learn how to actually … Continue reading Victory Laps: Vicious or Victorious?

Student STRESS (and how to cope with it)

BY RACHEL LUCE Everyone has stress.   Stress can be good.  People need stress to get motivated and do their best.   BUT.  Stress, especially in high school, can be hard to overcome. However, with the right techniques, you CAN have success in your school career and not go TOO crazy. Many students don’t handle stress as well as they could, resulting in them not … Continue reading Student STRESS (and how to cope with it)

Happy Holidays… and Happy University Applications!

BY R. DUNKLEY Finally. You decided what program you want; you’ve made a list of the universities that offer it; you’re slugging away to get the highest grades you can. Done. Right?   Wrong. Wrong.  Oh, so very very wrong.   The most important piece is yet to come. How do you apply to said university? There’s so much information being hurdled at you at … Continue reading Happy Holidays… and Happy University Applications!

The Trea$ure Hunt: Tuition

BY H. MYLES Today it is often expected that students graduating from high school either attend university or college. In 2013, Ipsos Reid released a poll for Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada and CIBC in which 73% of high school students planned on pursuing higher education. ( However, it will cost you an outrageous amount. In Ontario alone, tuition for university is generally $5000-$9000, depending … Continue reading The Trea$ure Hunt: Tuition