#TBT: MD’s 1960–61 Student Council

Hunter Culhane This article is from the Thursday, September 28, 1961, edition of the Milton Canadian Champion. It details how MD recently reverted to having a class president and vice-president for each of the school’s classes in addition to the “executive” roles of president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. There were five Grade 9 classes, four Grade 10 classes, three Grade 11 classes, two Grade 12 … Continue reading #TBT: MD’s 1960–61 Student Council

#TBT: Time Capsule Buried at MDHS?!

Hunter Culhane In preparation for the arrival of the new millennium, December 23, 1999 saw the burying of the “Millennium Time Capsule” somewhere on MDHS property. The time capsule is a blue chest freezer containing various artifacts, including at least two photos of MDHS students. Read more from the High School Report section of The Canadian Champion below: Do we know where the Millennium Time … Continue reading #TBT: Time Capsule Buried at MDHS?!

#TBT: Grade 12’s “Invade” Ottawa and Montreal, Shake Hands with PM Trudeau

Hunter Culhane For three days in May 1968, some 88 MDHS Grade 12 students visited Ottawa and Montreal. They toured both cities, learning about their history, experiencing their culture, and taking in their beauty. A few even got to shake hands with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau! Read more about their interesting trip in the article below: Image Source Continue reading #TBT: Grade 12’s “Invade” Ottawa and Montreal, Shake Hands with PM Trudeau

#TBT: Apple Vending Machine Becomes a Reality

By Hunter Culhane It appears the opposition to the vending machine full of apples at MDHS wore off by November 1967, as it had actually been installed by a local apple grower! Read more about the vending machine from the article in The Canadian Champion below: Though there is no apple vending machine nowadays, MDHS’s love of apples is still evident! We participate in “The … Continue reading #TBT: Apple Vending Machine Becomes a Reality