University Fair Review

BY H. TAYLOR-SINGH Photos courtesy of H. Taylor-Singh. On Friday, September 25th, a handful of MD’s grade twelves gathered on a school bus to travel to downtown Toronto to visit the annual Ontario Universities’ Fair. It was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and featured all 21 of the universities in Ontario, from Ryerson University to the University of Waterloo. The lines were long; … Continue reading University Fair Review

Ontario Universities’ Fair

BY N. JAFFARY If you’re planning to go to university next fall, don’t miss the chance to visit the Ontario Universities’ Fair. From the 25th to 27th of September, 21 Ontario universities will be present at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Admission is free and  representatives from the universities will be available to answer your questions. Come be a part of the largest educational fair … Continue reading Ontario Universities’ Fair

Happy Holidays… and Happy University Applications!

BY R. DUNKLEY Finally. You decided what program you want; you’ve made a list of the universities that offer it; you’re slugging away to get the highest grades you can. Done. Right?   Wrong. Wrong.  Oh, so very very wrong.   The most important piece is yet to come. How do you apply to said university? There’s so much information being hurdled at you at … Continue reading Happy Holidays… and Happy University Applications!

The Trea$ure Hunt: Tuition

BY H. MYLES Today it is often expected that students graduating from high school either attend university or college. In 2013, Ipsos Reid released a poll for Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada and CIBC in which 73% of high school students planned on pursuing higher education. ( However, it will cost you an outrageous amount. In Ontario alone, tuition for university is generally $5000-$9000, depending … Continue reading The Trea$ure Hunt: Tuition