Transportation: 10 Ways to Keep it Green

By: Rayed Khan & Vinothan Siriranjan  Image Source   For decades, transportation has been a major producer of carbon emissions and contributor to global warming. Reducing emissions when we travel and making better choices of how we travel is key in the fight against climate change.  Image Source Here are 10 pointers to help you to become greener and inspire others.  Walk or bike as much … Continue reading Transportation: 10 Ways to Keep it Green

MD’s “Season’s GREENings” Holiday Challenge!

By: Vinothan Siriranjan Happy holidays from the Eco Team! The winter holiday is a joyous time of year often spent on celebrations, get-togethers, shopping, eating delicious food and many more joyful events. Along with all of the fun, the holiday season brings a heavy load on the environment. That’s why our school’s Eco Team wants you to have both a fun and sustainable holiday this … Continue reading MD’s “Season’s GREENings” Holiday Challenge!