As Millennials Strive for Perfection, Anxiety and Depression Increase

Via The Toronto Star When he was in eighth grade, Benjamin Cherkasky quit the swim team. He loved swimming. But he wasn’t winning every time, and he felt he should already be an Olympic-like talent. “I’m not Michael Phelps at swimming, so why am I even on the team?” he remembers thinking. A therapist who researches perfectionism at Northwestern University’s Family Institute, he realized years … Continue reading As Millennials Strive for Perfection, Anxiety and Depression Increase

Dyslexia Awareness Day at MDHS

By Prema Kapoor On Monday, October 22, Milton District took part in the “Mark It Read” campaign. “Mark It Read” is a month-long initiative started by Dyslexia Canada to recognize the one in five kids who live with dyslexia across the country. To participate in this event, Dyslexia Canada is asking for schools to use red pens, chalk, crayons, and markers for a day, and … Continue reading Dyslexia Awareness Day at MDHS

World Mental Health Day

By Prema Kapoor IMage SOurce Every year, on October 10th, mental health is recognized to bring attention to the struggles many people face, and to end the stigma the surrounds mental health. World Mental Health Day was first initiated by the World Health Organization in 1992, and now has over 150 countries participating in the event. WHO’s main objectives are to raise awareness for mental … Continue reading World Mental Health Day