Daniel Pearce


Hi, I’m Dan! I graduated from Milton District in 2013 and went to Humber for Film and Television right away, because an unreal job sounded more appealing than a real job. I’m in my final year right now, and in the past couple years I wrote and directed an experimental short film as well as a short horror film. I also organized and hosted a monthly stand up comedy night called Mixed Nuts Comedy (now on Youtube), where my fellow Humber students as well as some Toronto comedians performed a new comedy set each month, with each month having a different theme.

While I was in high school, lots of people told me “everything gets better in college.” That’s not true. You have a chance to MAKE everything better in college. Shy people don’t usually transform into social animals when they graduate, but for the most part, they realize they don’t want to be social animals anyway. You find other things that make you happy; sometimes that thing is spending the weekend beating Borderlands 2 with your friends, and despite what your parents might tell you, there’s nothing wrong with that. And if you do decide that what makes you happy is a huge group of friends, it’s in your power to make it happen. Join clubs, start group projects, ask everyone about their day a nd actually listen to their answer, try new things, keep in touch and whenever you see someone wearing a t-shirt with a band you like on it, tell them ‘Ohmygod I love that band!’ You’ll realize the world is full of people just like you, and just like you, they’re extremely shy and would love for someone to talk to them.

Mixed Nuts Comedy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvkpZoTx-j-Db6G2x12GP0Q/

From Mark Saunders to Chris Hadfield, you might be surprised to learn who has come through MD, and where they are now!

Were YOU at MD? We welcome all updates to share here.  Please include your full name, years at MD, a photo, update, and any advice you can share with our current community here. Submit to gleesona@hdsb.ca.

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