New Windows Brighten up More Than a Hallway

By Hunter Culhane

This past weekend, new windows were installed in the pedestrian bridge connecting two of the wings of Milton District High School. Students are now able to see clearly outside when they walk through it.

The walkway is a unique feature of MDHS—and one that many agree was underutilized.

Before the new windows were installed, students could only see outside if they stood on a step, due to their being a wall along the walkway. Posters displaying information about MDHS’s sports teams and clubs were listed on this wall, though it is no longer necessary as there is now an information board and calendar in the front foyer.

Although there were small windows above the old wall, they were above students’ line of sight. Visibility outside has more than doubled since the new installation.


The window replacement project is still incomplete; exposed wood and unpainted concrete remain visible.

Unannounced to students before installation, the new windows come as a pleasant surprise to those who walk through the hall every day. The new windows brighten up one’s day when you walk by them—literally.


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