Dog Fish Dissection


A group of grade 12 students had the amazing learning opportunity to dissect a type of shark called a dogfish. Over the course of two days after school, they got together and learned about the anatomy of it through a hands on experience. They located the different organs of the shark like the heart, livers, stomach and kidneys, and even had the special treat of comparing male and female parts of the animal.


They learned that the heart is small but strong enough to pump blood throughout the whole body, and that the livers  are two giant organs that sit closest to the skin of the underside of the shark. This organ is responsible for storing oils, so that the shark is less dense and can move through the water easily and fast. The stomach is large, made to store food so the shark can go for periods of time without needing to eat. The kidneys are also quite large, running along the dorsal side of the shark.

This is a great learning experience for showing students a little bit of what it is like to be vet, a marine biologist, or many other things that involve the study of animal anatomy. Students at MD are happy to have learned this way and always enjoy the dissections they take part in.

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