Intersex Awareness Day

By Prema Kapoor

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This year on October 26th, Intersex Awareness Day is being celebrated. Intersex Awareness Day sheds light upon the human rights issues faced by intersex people all over the world. Someone who is intersex usually does not identify as male or female, as they could have a variation of chromosomes, sex hormones or genitals. While in some cases, signs of being intersex are apparent at birth, most of the time, these signs do not appear until puberty.

In many countries, intersex people are forced to go through painful surgeries in an attempt to make their bodies conform to one gender. This is a major violation of their body, and the surgeries usually have lasting effects on the individual. These surgeries can cause permanent infertility, loss of sexual sensation, pain and mental suffering.

This year, join us in celebrating intersex people and raising awareness for their daily struggles. They don’t need to conform to society’s standards of “normal”. Together, we can put an end to the discrimination.

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