Feel What They’re Saying


When the bass and the backbeat meet perfectly,

Making it impossible to not reply

with a head nod or a foot tap –

That’s what I love about music.

When the lyrics intertwine with your heart and your mind,

Leaving you with a feeling you haven’t had

In quite some time –

That’s what I love about music.

A few chords and voices mix for a breath taking remedy,

Collaborate with a lead riff

to form a meaningful melody –

That’s what I love about music.

It’s not the clothes that the artists wear

Or how they look on stage.

Not the models that they marry,

Or how much they get paid.

It’s what they sing and how they sing it.

It’s what they play and how they play it.

It’s the passion in every word

that makes you believe what they’re saying.

Feel what they’re saying.

Music can put you in a dark room, and empty place,

a colourless hour, a shaded space.

A hollow feeling with nothing to seek,

rip your insides outside and leave your body torn and weak.

Or it can give you light when there’s none, be the bandage to mend,

convey every deep emotion so you don’t have to pretend.

Let you feel how you want, express how you can,

give hope to the hopeless and change a boy to a man –

That’s what I love about music.

Music does not have to be understood in order to be felt.

And you don’t hear it just by listening.

It’s the universal language

but we all communicate it differently –


… and that’s what I love about music.

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