Former Military Training Equipment Provides Authentic Learning for Milton District HS Students

The following article was written by the Halton District School Board for the “Spotlight on Schools”.

Dan Bujold is a very determined teacher at Milton District High School.

For nearly two years, he worked diligently with the Canadian Forces Base Borden​ to secure a dozen electrical tester trainers for student learning. The idea is to use them for testing and diagnostics of electrical equipment in secondary schools.

The military was looking to dispose of the equipment, worth  an estimated $150,000, to make way for new equipment. Through a contact, Bujold heard about the offloading of the testers and asked if the Halton District School Board could obtain them for technology classes. 

The request was granted and the equipment was provided to the HDSB for a one-time fee of $100.

Bujold, a former soldier with the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers, says the Department of National Defence purchased testers for its Training Command Facility to help soldiers learn basic electrical functions, such as how to repair light armoured vehicles, tanks and vehicles. 

Bujold thought the testers would make effective teaching tools to show secondary students exactly how mechanical parts work. A vehicle’s entire lighting, charging, starting, heating, and instrument cluster systems are hooked up on large display boards for students to see and use, he says.

“Thanks to Dan’s prior service and connections with the Canadian Forces School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, we were able to obtain this equipment,” says Veronica Kleinsmith, Instructional Program Leader – Technological Education for the Halton District School Board. “I applaud Dan’s commitment and dedication to students, his colleagues and technological education in Halton.”

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