Your Guidelines for Wearing a Costume at MDHS This Halloween

Students who wish to acknowledge Halloween at school on Wednesday, October 31st, are encouraged to wear orange and black. If a student wishes to wear a costume at school, it is expected that the costume will be respectful, appropriate and reflective of our school values: Belong. Elevate. Respect.

The following should not be part of a costume at school:

  • Masks that cover faces.
  • Costumes that make fun of real people, human traits, gender, race, cultural communities or ethnicities.
  • Costumes that perpetuate stereotypes, misinformation, historical and/or cultural inaccuracies.
  • Costumes that mock cultural or religious symbols.
  • Costumes with the following words on the packaging: traditional, ethnic, colonial, authentic, tribal, etc.

Students who wear a costume to school that is deemed to be inappropriate or makes someone uncomfortable will be asked to remove the costume.

Rasa Baksys


Milton District High School

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