New Student Art Displays to Communicate School Values

By Aleena Hashmi and Haleema Sadia

Milton District High School has a new project in the making!

Ms. Baksys has recruited a few students to create an artwork that visually communicates our school vision and values: Belong, Elevate, Respect. The artworks represent how we as a school live our values and our journey towards our vision. Ms. Baksys has asked the students to capture what we as a school are doing to live out our school’s values on six canvases.

The artworks are going to be located in the cafeteria hallway, as Ms. Baksys felt that it is a space where many students frequent during the day. It is a space that has a lot of student traffic and is highly visible.

Ms. Baksys hopes to make this into a tradition for Milton District High School. With the artworks being rotated every few years to give the new students a chance to express their own views on our school values and vision, in their own unique artistic ways.

When asked what motivated her to start this project in the first place, Ms. Baksys replied saying, that she wanted students to express their voices artistically. Communication can take many forms; words and pictures/art. We have the words, she wanted a visual for those words.

Ms. Baksys is very excited for the number of students being apart of this project. We have talented students that are interested in showcasing their work.

The artworks will be revealed/put up semester 2.

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