Spoken Word Workshop With Dwayne Morgan



During period 4 on November 9th, MD held a Spoken Word Workshop in the library. Those who took part were the grade 12 Writer’s Craft class, some English students from other grades, any students who wished to attend, and of course Dwayne Morgan. Dwayne Morgan is a Canadian spoken word poet and MD had the pleasure of having him help writers unlock their brilliance.

Speaking as a participant, I can genuinely say it was one of the best experiences I’ve had throughout high school. Personally, I was starstruck when I saw Dwayne Morgan in the library, but he was so down to earth and kind, I was quickly calmed by his demeanour. The seminar itself consisted of hearing one of Mr. Morgan’s poems, then actually writing a piece. The process of the writing began with a prompt which the group wrote on for fifteen minutes, then a moment where Dwayne shared advice on writing followed by more writing for ten minutes.

After the time ended to work on the pieces, writers shared their work with partners and gave positive feedback and suggestions. The seminar ended with some individuals sharing their pieces to the entire group if they wished to do so. I was in awe at the brilliant work that was produced in a mere twenty-five minutes and am so grateful that I was able to hear some of the pieces.

All in all, the workshop was a wonderful way to help writers both experienced and inexperienced discover ways to improve their work. It was also an opportunity to get to know other Mustangs who love to write. There was an atmosphere of vulnerability and openness throughout the seminar which I felt allowed me to grow closer to my peers.

A huge thank you to Dwayne Morgan and to Ms Gleeson for organizing this event, as well as participating students, all of whom are the reason the workshop was such a success!


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