MD Wins 3rd at McMaster University Brain Bee



McMaster University celebrated the 15th year of their annual neuroscience competition, the Brain Bee, on April 11th. Milton District was represented at the competition by students Shiuli Khanna, Jasiya Janjua, Noman Kahlon, Iman Umair-Qaiser, and Shaffan Khalid, with last year’s champion Denzil Boyd Jr. and Ms. Ferreira attending for moral support. The students had studied hard and did well in the competition, with Shaffan advancing to the finals and winning third place in the competition. As Shaffan, Noman, and Denzil are Grade 12s graduating this year, Jasiya, Iman, and Shiuli will return to lead the Club next year.

The Brain Bee is a renowned event in which students who have studied and learned neuroscience can compete and answer questions for cash prizes, awards, and a chance to represent Hamilton at the National Brain Bee, which will be held in Vancouver this year, and eventually the International Brain Bee, which is in Germany this year. If you’re interested in learning about neuroscience or participating in the competition next year, join the club! Great job to all the students, and good luck for next year!


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